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Hotel & Accommodation Services

Take advantage of our range of services that have been tailored to suit all ends of the market.

Whether you're in the budget accommodation market, where the emphasis is on cost or in the luxury end of the market where the emphasis is all about quality, we have something to suit you. Our focus is to provide our customers with a service that removes as much of the hassle and labour involved in managing your linen as possible.

In today's market the linen hire industry differentiates services by simply offering different specifications of linen in order to offer the lowest price possible; meaning that although you're paying a lesser amount for a lightweight towel, or a higher amount for a heavyweight towel there's no difference in the processing or service reliability.
To set ourselves different from the competition we've adopted a unique approach to quality control helping our customers enjoy a trouble free service. We provide equally varied specifications of linen but with the added benefit that our premier range products are backed up by extensive quality inspections before dispatch.

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