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How to Achieve Snow White Linen.

Choosing the right linen provider can be a daunting task.
With so much hard work going into running your business choosing the right supplier with ethical policies and its own capabilities is vital and will benefit your business and your costs.
To help, we've tried to take as much of the stress out of the process with our handy supplier guide.

Linen Specification

Choose a supplier that can provide a range of spec to meet your needs.
If you want bespoke dedicated stock for your sole use, a pool service or a sub contractor will be unlikely to meet your needs.
If you need functional linen and flexibility use a pool service.
At Snow White we can provide both and will discuss your needs to help you choose the right service for you.


Do your research on the suppliers being considered.
Check that the laundry has a good reputation for delivering on their promises .
Check that they are actually providing the service, and not acting as an agent for a national laundry.
Also consider researching the directors of the company.
If you research snow white laundries or our family name, you will find a long and reputable history.


At snow white we measure our success on our ability to meet our ethical goals. We're not the type of laundry who focuses on the amount of items we process each week. We'd prefer to tell you about the things that matter to people, such as our environmental goals and our living wage goals.
As mentioned on our environment page we are ahead of the environment agency's set targets.
Sadly the laundry industry is largely driven by price, which in turn means the bulk of the work, especially the production workers (the ones that actually handle your linen) are paid minimum wage. However at Snow White, we promote a bonus scheme based on internal performance in terms of quality audits and productivity, which means our success translates into our staff being paid above the living wage. To date, we are the only laundry we know of that does so.
We are also proud of the fact that we have endorsed the governments furlough scheme, making zero redundancies during the pandemic.

Quality Control

You'll hear lots of marketing about low rejects, It's an easy statement to make!
But how can any laundry make such claims? Especially if they are sub-contracting to a national company?
Worse still, you won't actually know how good or bad a supplier is until you've signed a long contract! That's why we can offer a twelve week trial before committing to us! AND we also invite you to come in to visit us and even carry out an audit yourself!.
No matter how you dress it, reject-able items are part of the laundry industry, so we won't make extravagant claims as part of sales pitch. Instead we'll tell you how we achieve a "high" standard through:-
External Auditing, as part of our supplier agreements our quality is audited externally, and as part of this process we know that our results put us in the highest pass rates in the south west of the UK. In addition we feel the fact that really sets us aside is our bonus scheme which is based around quality. The higher the pass rate the greater the bonus the staff receive. Whereas other companies focus on high numbers, we focus on high pass rate.

Hidden Costs

Watch out for headline grabbing low prices with hidden charges lurking in the background.
Unlike our competitors we do not charge for stock takes nor will we charge you if our delivery drivers exceed 10 minutes on your premises.


Now that we've covered the real priorities above, then of course price is important.
Because Snow White Laundries is local laundry we can provide the real attention to detail that independent hoteliers and restauranteurs require, but because we are a "large" local laundry we can be as competitive on price as a national supplier plus there are no hidden charges.
No stock take charges
No extended hire fees
No sub-contractor margins

Once you've done your research we look forward to hearing from you