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Restaurant Services

Table Linen

Snow White provide a full range of linen services, tailored to suit the ongoing demands of busy restaurants, or short term hire for one off events.

Table Linen and Napkins
A range of high quality white and coloured linen designed to add a touch of sophistication to your customers dining experience.

Table linen is available in Napkins, Square, Rectangular and Circular cloths.

For a full colour and size swatch please contact us

Designated Stock
If you're looking to add a unique touch to your dining room, then why not opt for your own designated stocks.

We can provide and launder ANY type of linen you wish. We will purchase the linen especially for you! Each piece will be permanently labelled and even embroidered with your company logo if you wish.

Kitchen Linens
A full range to compliment the demands of a busy kitchen

Hot towels
A lemon scented towel, that's offered to your customers after the meal, an extra luxury that completes your customers' experience at your restaurant. The towels are heated in a special oven that we supply.

Short Term Hire
For one off events where you or your customer require a particular colour or size to match their colour scheme.

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